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4 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Workout


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We’re all tempted to cheat on our workout at times—whether you’re talking yourself out of doing that last set, debating if you really need to do cardio today, or convincing yourself to not do leg day so you can walk tomorrow, experiencing a lack of motivation in the gym can be just as detrimental as experiencing it before you get there.

We believe that the only workout hurdles that test us are the ones we jump over, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to stay invested during your entire workout. You’ve got this!

Make it a friendly competition.

Even if you don’t have a competitive nature, having to push your efforts in relation to someone else can be a major motivator. Whether it’s the stranger running on the treadmill next to you or a dedicated workout partner that’s a little bit closer to where you want to be, letting someone else’s motivation rub off on you will help you push yourself farther, keep going longer and stop you from being tempted to quit.

Make a bet.

From fitness accountability apps to friends who won’t let you off the hook, there are plenty of ways to hold yourself accountable—especially when there’s cash on the line. Make a bet with yourself, a friend or an online community about a goal of yours. Whether it’s frequency of workouts for the next two weeks, amount of progress made over the next three months or the amount you’re able to deadlift this time next year, putting your paycheck on the line will make you think twice about skipping that extra rep

Treat yourself.

Setting physical goals are great, but what powers you to achieve them? The satisfaction isn’t always enough incentive for you to see your goals through, so try giving yourself a tangible reward! A new pair of headphones or maybe a pair of jeans, even a dinner at your favorite restaurant are all awesome ways you an encourage yourself to stay motivated.

Consider a trainer.

Many people think that they don’t need a personal trainer if they know what they’re doing, but working with a trainer at any level can help kick your workout into overdrive. Having a professional there to remind you about form, technique, and following through on each rep will take you further, encourage you to work harder and keep you dedicated for the full duration of your workout.

Sometimes motivation is hard to come by…but with these tips, you’ll be ready to kill it at the gym for the entire time, every time!

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7 Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag


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From a change of clothes to your trusty deodorant and everything else in between, gym bags are both unique and necessary. But the problem isn’t coming up with things to put in them, it’s editing down the list in order to fit everything into your bag. Instead of cramming useless items into your bag, follow along for a list of our top must-haves that will keep you prepared and ready for the gym—or ready to freshen up afterwards.

If you’re running short on time and the prospect of getting a shower in after your workout becomes less likely than you originally planned—these wipes are here to save the day. They’re big enough to use on your whole body and won’t leave an icky residue. Keep a pack of these in your bag and you’ll unlock the keys to those lunchtime workouts you’ve been wanting to do!

If dry shampoo isn’t already in your gym bag, it needs to be—STAT. Depending on your hair needs, you may already have a preferred brand, but we like this one because it’s small and fits in a gym bag easily—but not too small so you have to constantly replenish. It also has a fresh scent that will leave your post-sweat sesh hair feeling rejuvenated and lively.

Everyone’s gym bag holds small odds and ends that don’t quite have place. Contact cases, bobby pins, band-aids, or travel toothbrushes—whatever items you need that don’t have a home now do thanks to this versatile drawstring pouch.

If you love your classic BlenderBottle, just wait—it gets better with the introduction of the ProStak system. Keep snacks to power your workout in the storage system or use it to hold your supplements and powders. Whatever you choose to keep inside, make sure to keep it on hand in your gym bag!

Getting into your fitness routine has few negative impacts on your body except for one: dry skin. More showers, more sweat—all of it can cause your skin to feel parched more often than not. If your face is in need of serious moisture, keep this stick in your bag to perk your skin right up!

This isn’t your average towel! It’s compact and made with microfiber making it extra absorbent and it can handle both sweat or post-shower drip, alike. Perfect for an extra hard and sweaty workout, this towel is made for your gym bag.

The most important rule for any gym bag is this: make sure it doesn’t stink. There’s nothing worse than a gym bag that reeks of sweat and smelly tennis shoes! Don’t worry, there’s a solution for every problem and in this case it’s a genius bag that holds all your stinky things and keeps them (and their smells) contained.

What’s your favorite gym bag goodie you can’t live without? Share your must-haves with us!

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20-Minute Power Workout to Maximize Your Time


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When Kanye said “no one man should have all that power,” he must not have been talking about YOU!

Power movements can add a lot to your workout program. They build strength, are extremely metabolic, and are a great way to change things up. They’re also a killer option to get an insane burn in a short amount of time. So if you don’t have a lot of gym time, this 20-minute power workout is a great choice.

These four sets will be performed AMRAP, which means “as many rounds as possible.” Try to keep a steady pace during each set with no break for four straight minutes. That will really maximize your time and create a great workout. Take a 1-minute break between sets.

First Set – 4 min

10 Front Squats

Front Squat


10 Box Jumps

Box Jump

(1 min break)

Second Set – 4 min

10 Lunge Pass (10 each leg)

Lunge Pass

10 In Out Power Push-Ups

In-Out Power Push-Up

(1 min break)

Third Set – 4 min

10 Alternating Swing (10 each arm)

Alternating Swing

10 Hop Knee Drive (10 each leg)

Hop Knee Drive

(1 min break)

Fourth Set – 4 min

10 Burpee


10 Double Slam

Double Rope Slam

You’re done! Way to work.

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5 Things Your Trainer Wishes You Were Doing, But Aren’t


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In a perfect world, you would listen to every single thing your trainer asks you to do and life would be magical and wonderful. But we don’t live in a perfect world which means some of your trainer’s advice gets overlooked. Why does that matter? Fair question! It matters because there are certain habits that help enhance the existing work you’re doing in the gym and in the kitchen. Read on to find out which habits will help you make the most out of your workouts and healthy eating habits!

Moving more with 20-minute workouts

The Department of Health recommends, “150 minutes of aerobic and 75 minutes of vigorous activity” across a week. As a coach, I’m focused on the quality of time spent, and 20 minute workouts with just a few moves can have a big impact on your health. By decreasing the time, we can increase short bursts of intensity which is ideal for burning fat, building strength, and improving cardiovascular function. Most importantly though, these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime!

Here’s an example of workout I would assign my clients to complete on a day they couldn’t make it to the gym.

  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 squats
  • 5 burpees

Repeat five reps and rest as needed.

Making slightly better food choices

Most people know what they’re supposed to eat, but don’t follow through. As a coach, it’s my job to help my clients identify where they’re at. I want my clients to have a healthy inclusive, not exclusive, mindset about food and often that means setting really small, attainable goals to build confidence and comfort with change.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Every time you eat lunch, make sure you include veggies into your meal
  • No matter what time you eat breakfast, include a protein
  • Any carbohydrate you purchase must list fiber in the nutrition facts

Foam rolling

Flexibility, tissue resilience, and mobility can be greatly affected when fascia is bound up or ‘knotted.’ Fascia is what holds us together! It’s a web of connective tissue formed in bands that wraps around all the internal parts of the body from head to toe and fuses it together.  Repetitive motions, prolonged dehydration, or tissue trauma can cause fascia to become rigid.

Rolling tips:

  • Rolling before a workout is best for increased range of motion and performance
  • Rolling after a workout can reduce post-workout soreness
  • Don’t roll at the site of pain. If your knee hurts, for example, don’t roll the knee, instead roll about or below to locate the actual issue
  • Rolling treats the symptoms but often not the underlying problems of pain and mobility issues. Rolling combined with balanced training, nutrition and sleep plan is important to

Moves to try:


Practicing self-care for better emotional health

If I had to choose just one action item from this list; self-care would be it!

We all have a default set of feelings and beliefs that form whether or not we believe we can be successful which can be triggered when we encounter obstacles, frustrations and setbacks. Often one “failure” in our fitness past has convinced us we can’t succeed. Self-care is about cultivating strategies to address things like healthy habits and boundaries, vulnerability, failure and success. All things people tend to avoid if possible. Smart self-care is a discipline, and it’s the key to emotional health.

Some things to arm yourself with:

Two-minute self-talk:  Studies tell us that even a two-minute distraction is sufficient to break the urge to negative self-talk…in that moment concentrate on something else until the urge passes. Here are some of my favorite things my clients say to themselves when they’re feeling down:

I’m not ok, and that’s ok

I can be patient

I love myself

No turning back now

Weekly check-in with your trainer:

Highlight of the week (just life not necessarily fitness related)

Low of the week (same as 👆)

One way you practiced self-care this week

How did food/workouts go?

What is one intention/commitment you have for yourself for next week?

Putting longevity on your radar

How we age is almost entirely up to us. To ensure your aging trajectory is as functional as possible, you need to begin thinking about how you want to age. The work you’re putting in now will create your future. If you picture yourself playing with your grandkids, traveling in retirement, preventing metabolic dysfunction, and beyond, the time is now to act on your health and fitness. You need a full-spectrum approach that includes a well-rounded training, nutrition, socialization, and emotional resilience. Often, people think about this too late because they make false assumptions about aging. Now, more than ever people are living happy and healthy lives into their 90s. Checkout one of our favorite Anytime Fitness success stories, Betty Lou, who after breaking the world record for planking, has her eyes set on the senior Olympics.

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